Full Screen Video

Hmm, if you are trying to use the new full-screen function on Firefox, you may experience the video freezing every second.  This does NOT happen in Internet Explorer, and I have not yet tested it on a mac w/ Safari.  Im looking into why this happens.  In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, just view it in the normal non-fullscreen size, or try viewing it in Internet Explorer.

The USSBA Video is also ready for viewing and you will find that in the: Public Video Section.

Remember, the videos are open for commenting, so feel free to post your comments!  Keep in mind comments are moderated, so after you submit one, it has to be approved by an admin.

Enjoy the videos!

– Mr. Wada (Jr.)

Video Updates

Hey Guys,

The video from Saturdays home game is now posted in the BHS Marching Band Members Only Video section.  The video from Sunday’s Bergenfield USSBA Show is currently encoding/uploading, and should be viewable by midnight tonight.  It can be found in the PUBLIC section, so yes, it is available for viewing by all registered website members.

Also, the full-screen option should now be working on Saturday’s game video, and I am working to update all the videos to allow the full-screen button to work properly.  If you experience any problems with the updated player, please let me know.

Also, this is the LAST and FINAL warning to all students who did not log-in and/or update their e-mail addresses.  Tomorrow I will be deleting your accounts to allow the website and its e-mail system to function properly.

– Mr. Wada (Jr.)

USSBA Judging Information

If you are interested in seeing the sheets the judges will be using to evaluate us on Sunday, you can find them here,  in the USSBA FAQ:


– Mr. Wada (Jr.)

Game 3 Video is Up

Hey guys,

The video from yesterdays performance is up.  Please take a look at it and see what you as individuals can improve on for next time.  We have a big weekend coming up, and we want to look the best that we can!

Also, again, if you haven’t changed your e-mail on your student logins, please do BEFORE Wednesday.  That way I don’t have to hunt you down on Wed, if you didn’t lose your paper or whatever.  I will be reprinting login sheets for Wed if you lost yours.

Mr. Wada (Jr.)

Past Montclair Videos

Hey Guys,

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I am still working on my montclair history project.  So far in the video section I have added 03, 06 and 07.  I’m working on more as I get the chance.  The player may still be a little glitchy for some of the videos, and I’m working to get that resolved.  Also the box in the lower right should full screen the window, but it’s currently not working.  Anyway, so those we keep asking, I am working on it!

Also, BHS Band Members, if you STILL havn’t logged in yet and changed your e-mail please do so by next weekend.  I will go through the list myself and reprint logins for anyone who hasn’t done it yet for Wednesday.  So please try to do it before then if you can, to save me the paper and time.


– Mr. Wada (Jr.)