2009-10 Marching Band Announcements Updated

Information for Memorial Day Parade - May 31, 2010

The uniform of the day is FULL UNIFORM.

Report time is 1pm to Franklin School.  Please bring your garment bag for collection.  If you have misplaced your garment bag, please bring a $40 check for its replacement, payable to Bergenfield Board of Education.  You should arrive carrying your jacket and headgear, not wearing them.

The parade will step off at 2pm, heading south on Prospect Avenue.

Due to the weather, we have scheduled a water break at the halfway point.  This has worked very well in the past when the parade route was much longer and less shady, and the temperature and humidity were much higher than is forecasted for today.  Please arrive to the start of the parade well-hydrated, as we discussed multiple times in class.

The parade will conclude at Memorial Field.

At the conclusion of the parade, your uniform will be collected.  Please dress lightly under the uniform with this in mind.

Mr. Timmons