2010-11 Marching Band Announcements Updated


Great job today everyone!!!  You did Bergenfield PROUD!!

Here's a link to the recorded portion:

I will post a link to the live portion when I find it.

Mr. Timmons

2010-11 Marching Band Announcements Updated

TODAY SHOW - Thursday, January 20

Report time for Thursday morning is 4:30AM sharp in the band room.  You must arrive in full uniform.  You may begin to arrive no earlier than 4AM.  Buses will depart at 4:45AM sharp.  Anyone not in their bus seat will be left at BHS. 

We will load the buses, as follows:
Bus 1 - Flutes and Color Guard
Bus 2 - Clarinets, Baritones, and Trombones
Bus 3 - Trumpets and Saxophones
Bus 4 - Percussion, Mellophones, Sousaphones

You should bring your student ID with you.  All cell phones and personal items must stay on the bus or be left in your locker.  You may not have cell phones and personal items in the holding area or studio.

Bagels and juice will be provided to eat on the way to NYC.  After the rehearsal, food and beverage will be served in the holding area.

Our anticipated performance time on NBC (Channel 4) is now 8:30AM EST.  After the performance we will load the buses and immediately return to BHS.  Due to the earlier performance time, we now may be able to attend period 3 classes.  Be prepared with completed homework.

We will not be outdoors for extended periods of time, so there is not a need to dress in too many layers.  You should bring a change of clothes for after our return to school.

If you have any questions, please email me at btimmons@bergenfield.org

Get some rest and see you bright and early!!

Mr. Timmons

2010-11 Marching Band Announcements Updated

TODAY SHOW - Thursday, January 13

I don't have much more information than I did on Tuesday.  

Here's the scoop:

  • The band will get dressed into uniforms at the beginning of period 3 and report to the band room for instructions.  Be sure to bring your uniform to school and place it in the UNIFORM ROOM.  No uniforms may be placed in the band room.  Anyone without FULL UNIFORM will be excluded and will be sent back to class.
  • You will have lunch at some point during the lunch periods.  The full band may not have lunch at the same time.
  • Some students will be called down to the band room during periods 1-2.
  • We should be finished by the end of period 6.  Expect to return to your period 7 class.
See you tomorrow!

Mr. Timmons